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Dyna Mei Sanchez Rimkus

Dyna Mei Sanchez Rimkus, a Valley resident since 2012, specializes in Aspen high-end luxury rentals, sales, and short sales.

Born in Panama, Dyna, bilingual in English and Spanish, is a licensed broker in Florida and Texas. She is highly active in the Texas market.

“Licensed in these three strong markets---Colorado, Florida, and Texas---are among the most prominent real estate markets in the country," Dyna Mei (May) explains. "And I have a thorough understanding of all three. The synergies between Florida, Texas, and Colorado are strong, as many people who own homes in Colorado, also own homes in the warmer climates of Miami, Dallas, and Houston."

Dyna is a respected and well-known advisor to owners and buyers in the Roaring Fork Valley.

A realtor who believes that the most vital assets in any real estate transaction are understanding and trust, Dyna's diverse background allows her to bring her global perspective to her work. When making listing presentations in challenging circumstances, Dyna is highly experienced in pointing out value-added options in today's multi-cultural, multi-lingual world.

Dyna is a director of the Aspen/Glenwood Springs Board of Realtors. Deeply committed to her philanthropic works, Dyna heads up charities and community involvement for the ABR, as well as serving as a volunteer for The Thrift Shop of Aspen. That organization grants more than $620,000.00 annually to the Roaring Fork Valley non-profits.

Dyna lives in Heron Crossing (Ironbridge) with her husband Tobias, and her beloved dogs--- Alex, a min-Pincher, Oscar, a Rat/Jack Russell, and Pancho who is a dachshund and chihuahua mix.

An enthusiastic Colorado sportswoman, Dyna enjoys cross-fit, running, hiking, and bowling. She particularly loves cross country skiing.

(832) 244-7467 | (970) 300-8113


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Tobias Rimkus

Tobias Rimkus is a long-time Valley resident and the Founder and Managing Partner of the Rimkus Real Estate Company.

As a native of Dusseldorf, Germany, Tobias is a true global representative. Before putting down roots in the Roaring Fork Valley in 2012, his career found him in major metropolitan hubs such as New York City, Houston, and Miami before trading the fast lane for Telluride and Aspen, Colorado. Due to this life/work experience, Tobias understands the tastes and preferences of a diverse set of clientele from these and similar markets thus bringing valuable insight into his endeavors in the Roaring Fork Valley. 

With a long and distinguished career in the hospitality industry, Tobias brings the best of five-star customer service to an industry that often feels disingenuous. He lives by the credo, “People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but will never forget how you made them feel.” This, he believes, is the essence of any undertaking and attributes his success thus far to live by this ethos.

Tobias has achieved exceptional results in every role by paying close attention to details and continuously analyzing data and seeking improvement. The desire to meld the best of his extensive corporate/hospitality experience with a more authentic, charismatic, and passionate approach to real estate is a breath of fresh air. With the ability to anticipate clients' needs and a genuine desire to serve and improve people's lives, he knows how to treat and care for people, a rare trait.

Most importantly, Tobias strives to make the luxury, resort real estate market accessible for families and working professionals in the valley by way of meaningful consultation, education, and representation. He focuses on the aspects that drive success and readily share his expertise to assist clients with building more secure and balanced lives.

Tobias is an avid cyclist, nordic skier, and endurance athlete; pastimes that reinforce his determination and willpower to succeed. He lives with his wife and fellow real estate professional, Dyna, and their three dogs, Alex, Oscar, and Pancho.

(970) 355-3360


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Katerine Quevedo

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A realtor who believes that the most vital assets in any real estate transactions are understanding and trust, Dyna's diverse background allows her to bring her global perspective to her work.

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